Monday 28 January 2013


Frankie Dakin from tells us about her make-up bag essentials:

Revlon Colourstay Foundation for combination/oily skin - £12.49
I don’t really stick with a foundation and tend to rotate/mix my way through a few but Revlon Colourstay has been working pretty well for me at the moment. I’ve got pretty oily skin so the fact that it doesn’t just slide off is amazing, and it doesn’t rub onto my pillows (i’m one of those lazy people who never bother to remove their makeup before bed). Coverage wise, this foundation is medium to full so I can manage not to look like I put my makeup on with a trowel. Best of all it’s only £12.49 and lasts ages.

Real Techniques Stippling Brush - £10.99
I got this brush after hearing rave reviews from loads of other bloggers and It is AMAZING! It says on the box it helps you achieve an airbrushed high definition result which it definitely does. This brush could possibly make anyone bar Tulisa stand up to the HD test.

Mac Blot Powder in Dark - £20
Don’t know why this comes in colours because it’s supposed to be translucent but hey ho. This is my saviour, I get so oily as the day progresses, and this recent purchase has changed that for good. Walked into Mac the other day to pretend I wanted to buy something to fix my shine (just wanted a retouch) and she put this on me. I felt guilty and bought it, but I’m so glad I did. I apply it once in the morning, won’t reapply all day and later when I look in the mirror I won’t look like someone’s taken a can of Mr Sheen to my nose.

Bourjois Poudre Clubbing Gold Bronzing powder - £6.99
If, like me, you have a pretty much spherical face contouring is your friend. I go through a shit-tonne of bronzer, despite being a woman of colour, trying to give myself the cheekbones of Jourdan Dunn. This bronzer (which I stole off my little sister I might add) does a good job and it has tiny gold bits which are pretty - also IT SMELLS LIKE CHOCOLATE! Can’t go wrong with that one.

Rimmel Eyebrow pencil - £2.99
Its true eyebrows do frame the face, and my older Facebook pictures are testament to how weird I looked before I pencilled them in. Sometimes I’m watching telly wondering what’s wrong with someone’s face, and yep they’ve got invisible eyebrows. Sort it out.

Benefit Big Beautiful eyes – eye contour kit - £24.50
Another thing I stole off my sister...woops. It includes concealer, base shadow, contour shadow and liner shadow and I love all of it. I always use the concealer under my eyes, and considering I’m pretty much an insomniac it does wonders. The best bit is the gorgeous taupe contour shadow. The only time I ever get complimented on my eye shadow is when I’m wearing this.

Sleek Ink Pot gel eyeliner in Dominatrix  - £5.49
If you don’t use gel liner you are missing out. It comes with a little brush to put it on and never comes off. Seriously. I have difficulty removing it in the shower in the morning, that’s how good it is.

Mac lipstick in Sin - £14
The name says it all. I saw Rihanna wearing this exact shade at the Victoria’s Secret fashion show at the end of last year and I had to have it. This lipstick is sexy as hell - really dark cool toned matte red. Wearing this, it’s impossible not to feel like the baddest bitch alive.

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