Thursday 14 February 2013

PRODUCT OF THE WEEK: VO5 'give me texture instant oomph powder'

English Student Ellie Morson shares her product of the week with us:

As someone who has fine hair, I am constantly trying to find new ways of inserting more texture/ volume into my hair routine. Having fine hair, as well as dealing with the weight of having long hair can make it difficult to have any form of energy going on and my hair seems all too satisfied to sit limply on my head.  Enter the V05 ‘give me texture instant oomph powder’.  It costs £4.07 and I think the name alone was worth me purchasing it. I absolutely love this stuff, though it won’t be for everyone.

It’s ridiculously simple to use. I just section off areas of my hair/ specific places where I want a bit more texture and shake the powder onto roots. It resembles talcum powder, though it’s never left behind any stark white colouration in my hair, (that’d be embarrassing). Once I’ve placed it onto my hair, I just massage it into my roots for a few seconds, which creates instant texture and volume – amazing!

The downside – unfortunately there is one. If you love clean feeling hair, then I would not advise this product. This powder does give a fair amount of build-up and can leave the roots feeling quite dirty, (despite not appearing greasy in the slightest). So, if you’re someone who loves to have their hair feeling squeaky clean, then the chances are that you’re not going to love the feeling of this in your hair. The closest texture I can liken it to when on the hair is that it almost feels a bit coarse and spongy, as though you’ve overindulged in hairspray the night before.  That having been said, it does easily wash out.

However, for me the pros outweigh the cons. I don’t mind enduring ‘dirty’ hair for a bit of texture. This powder offers a cheap way of building some body into the hair and also allows me to skip backcombing, which is a definite plus. Whilst it most definitely won’t be for everyone, this powder is certainly a cheaper alternative to other, similar competing powder products available from different brands, so it may well just be worth trying out if you’ve been after some more texture.

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