Wednesday 30 January 2013


CUB Magazine Editor Anna Matheson shows us how to create pastel striped nails with ease:

What I used:

Now, I'm not an expert when it comes to nails, but just occasionally I attempt a little nail art here and there to spruce things up a bit. But as I'm not really one for intricate flowers and union jacks (aka the REALLY TRICKY stuff) and I don't have the bank balance of Blair Waldorf to get them done professionally, I've come up with a simple way of doing something a little different then a boring two coats of one colour. All you need is a couple of spring worthy pastel colours (I choose Barry M as the brush is nice and thick so minimal sweeps can be used- and when you've not got the most steady of hands that can only be a good thing) and a few bits of sellotape.
Step 1:
- Prep the nails by removing any old scraps of varnish with a good strengthening nail varnish remover, and a softening hand scrub. (I use cutex and Neil's Yard)

Step two:
- After shaping and buffing your nails, cut ten strips of Sellotape and place the straight edge in the middle of the nail - paint the uncovered section of the nail with a thick coat of your chosen cover and wait for it to dry, repeat with another coat.

Step 3: 
- Remove the strip and carefully fill in the other half of the nail with the other chosen colour, let it dry, and repeat.
Step 4:
- Add a clear top coat, leave to dry and finish off with a nourishing hand cream.

And that's it! An, albeit slightly rustic, beginners guide to a simple nail art that even the unsteadiest of hands can achieve. 
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