Monday 11 February 2013


Final year student Rachel Clarkson shares what's in her Make-Up bag:

MAC Prep + Prime- skin base visage
Well, first things first- a good primer is essential for the kind of nights out where you run the risk of your entire face of makeup melting off. I use MAC prep + prime which creates a velvety soft canvas and works like a magnet, securing everything in place. MAC doesn’t come cheap (£19.50 for this one) but since it’s not for everyday, it has lasted for months so I won’t feel too guilty when it eventually needs replacing!

Max Factor Colour Adapt Foundation
I’ve been using this foundation for years, I love its perfectly matte and even tone, it’s really easy to blend in and covers any blemishes well- a pea sized amount normally does the trick and it lasts all day.

Look Beauty, Holiday Glow
Since moving back to the UK with its bleak summer forecasts, I’m still grieving for the olive Mediterranean glow I used to have. So, as a healthier, British alternative I opted for a cheap bronzer to add a bit of colour and contour. I used to use Tan de Soleil by Chanel but the £28 price tag felt a little excessive- this Look Beauty alternative at £5 is much more purse friendly and does the job well.

Benefit, High Beam Highlighter
This Benefit highlighter is a pretty popular alternative to the touche ├ęclat pen which started the craze. It brushes straight onto the skin- I use a dab atop my cheekbones, some beneath my brow and then just a fine sweep down the centre of my nose and a spot in my cupid’s bow (all magic techniques sourced from meticulous magazine research). Then just blend in and you’ll dazzle ’em.

Estee Lauder, Tender Blush in Peach Nuance
I tend to apply blusher after highlighter to avoid the risk of smudging and distorting the powder. This Estee Lauder blusher goes on beautifully and the colour options provide a natural, 3-dimensional peachy glow.

Yves Saint Laurent, Eyeshadow Duo in #13
I bought this YSL eyeshadow duo about four years ago in a pharmacy in Malta. I needed cashback so I grabbed it- imagine my horror when I saw €46.50 flash up at the till. To avoid embarrassment I just paid it and hurried out. However, four years later it’s still my favourite and I use it all the time. The brown and cream compliment my blue eyes and the applicators help sweep  the highly pigmented colour on with precision- worth every penny!

Collection 2000, Fast Stroke Eyeliner
I first bought this eyeliner when I was about 12 (cue horrible realisation that that is half of my entire life) and still use it every day- it’s so easy to use and creates dramatic, pure black definition. Cannot recommend this liner enough- and it is crazy cheap!

Max Factor, Clump Defy Mascara
In my never-ending pursuit of a good mascara that doesn’t cost the earth, I opted to try this new Max Factor ‘Clump Defy’ and hoped it would do as it said: Provide volume without the clumps. And it does! The rubber brush clings to each single lash and gives individual intensity- it takes a couple of scoops to get it perfect for a night out but for day-to-day use I’d say give it a try!

Dior Travel Studio Compact
Last but not least, this comprehensive compact is an amazing handbag staple. It has everything you need so it’s perfect for trips where space doesn’t permit a 3 kilo makeup bag! I picked this up in Venice airport for a shocking €35! And, of course, Dior quality makeup is not to be sniffed at- it’s definitely my best makeup bargain!

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