Monday 11 February 2013


First year student Fenn O'Meally shares her love of Clinique with us:

Un, deux, trois… Oh yes Clinique have done it again. A new essential we all MUST get our hands on. But this time its not a new and improved ‘high impact mascara’  or even a vital ‘airbrush concealer’. Nope, now we’re going back to basics, back to ‘au natural’ with three ouber-easy steps that will leave your skin quite literally glowing. But how? Well for now lets just say the mighty minds behind Clinique have managed to cram all the fundamental ingredients for a healthy glow into three detoxing bottles.

So where do we start? Well luckily the helpful crew at Clinque have done all the tricky planning for us with 3-STEP, all we have to do is apply. First things first is a good old rinse! Whether its 7am or 7pm, there’s nothing better than a luscious lather to awaken the skin, and with Clinique’s liquid facial soap (Step 1) you simply can’t go wrong.  Take a pea-sized amount into the palm of the hand, combine with water, and form circular motions over the face and neck, then rinse with tepid (luke-warm) water. The simple non-drying formula leaves the skin feeling so perky and smooth, it’ll put any baby’s bottom to shame!

Once you’ve pat dry and taken a little breather, its time to move up a step, and delve into Clinique’s nose tingling, skin brightening, Clarifying Lotion. Using a cotton ball, allow a small amount of the lotion to soak in then sweep over the face and neck, focusing on the T-zone especially.  You’re small efforts will be awarded with a brighter, smoother complexion… It’s all-right for some!

So here we are, the last hurdle, Clinique’s little bottle of fortune. The Dramatically Different moisturizing lotion. So what have we? Softening, smoothing, moisture balancing lotion potion… simply smother over the face and neck (with a pea-sized amount!) and let your skin rightfully bathe in the final stage of Clinique 3-STEP!

I know it’s a tad on the dear side, and it’s not like we students have money to splash out on facial products galore, but I honestly think the more you value a product, the more careful you are about how much of it you use each time. My 3-STEP regime has lasted a good two months so far, and I’ve still got more than half of each bottle left. At £20 for all three, it would be ignorant not to… Well, at least, that’s my justification! 

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