Tuesday 19 February 2013


Ellie Morson reviews both Nova Chiu's AW/13 make-up and collection:

Nova Chui’s upcoming Autumn/ Winter line boasts of vibrant colours that are bold enough to instantly capture anyone’s eye. However, if that’s not enough, the reflective geometric shapes that heavily adorn the ensembles are enough to keep the mind occupied for hours.
The line includes many pieces that are simplistic and A-line in shape, whilst all the sense of adventure remains reflected in the kaleidoscopic detailing of each design. Despite these shapes and reflective patterns appearing to capture a sense of modern edge, specific designs also seemed inspired by the likes of butterfly wings and flowers, as well as other gorgeous tones and shapes that are reminiscent of nature. Yet, the vibrancy of the colour choices, as well as the use of heavy embellishment also seemed to echo traces of Bollywood and Asia.
However, in consideration with the Autumn /Winter line, it appears that Nova Chui has also taken the opportunity to fully embrace the difference in season and shows the colourful, kaleidoscopic edge blending with the likes of Alaskan winter. Heavy fabrics, such as suede, fur, and velvet can all be seen in the designs and the use of these traditional wintry materials used to project such flamboyant and creative designs, creates a captivating collection that also maintains the sense of season.

Make-up & Hair:
Departing from the bold, the makeup seen on the catwalk and backstage was a different story, as the fresh faced models seemed to embrace a more understated, yet elegant look. Skin maintained a healthy glow, without being too overstated. It didn’t wholeheartedly take on the matte look, but also ensured that a ‘glow’ was appearing in all the right places through the use of a highlighter. Cheeks also veered away from the more rosy and pink shades, instead opting for neutral and peachy colours, as well as the use of heavy contouring to shape the face and add a hint of colour.
 Meanwhile, the eyes served to reflect the designs with only minor blending of the eye shadow, so as to leave a more defined shape, whilst maintaining the neutrality of the rest of the makeup. The lower lid typically appeared to remain lighter, whilst the shaping and definition came from the use of light and warm browns through the crease and extending out to the under eye area. This use of the more autumnal shades in the eyeshadow helped to define a winged and cat-eye shape, whilst remaining subtle. Eyeliner on the lower-lid was light or flesh-toned, further solidifying that fresh and neutral look; eyebrows were also kept to their relatively natural shade with a slight arch. Lips too remained on the down low with the use of natural nude shades that contained only a slight sheen.
As for hair, gone was wave and the straighter the better, as far as the Nova Chiu look was concerned. The sleekness and silkiness of the hairstyles were reminiscent of a shampoo advert, as the model’s tresses were extremely lengthy for the most part and layers appeared all but gone. Hair was kept poker straight, with a central parting and pulled back into the sleekest of half-dos or ponytails. Hair accessories also appeared to be out of sight as locks were often secured with clear/ thin bands and hair was even secured around itself, creating the ultimate minimalistic, ‘chic’n’sleek’ combo that worked in contrast with the vibrancy of Nova Chiu’s clothing designs.
Ultimately, the whole collection was mesmerising. There were a flurry of colours and shapes, all of which were captivating and a brief explanation of their 60 second appearance down the runway could not do them justice. Meanwhile, the use of makeup at the show emphasised a barely there and natural approach, whilst the sleekness of hair, combined with traditional hairstyles solidified that going back to basics is a must. In turn, this boldness combined with effortless neutrality shows that there is something that is sure to suit everyone upcoming in the Autumn/Winter trends.

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